Human resources of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance System in 2017

Total number of human resources in the whole system: 1062 people, of which the number of cadres in the state workforce is 820 people, the number of cadres and workers has university degree and post-graduate degrees is 825 people, accounting for 77.68 %; The number of cadre trained in terms of political theory is 278 people, accounting for 26%.

Figure: Specialized degree of staffs in provincial cooperative alliances, classified by regions(2017)  Unit: person

Source: Personnel Department, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (2018)

Now there are 61 chairmen, of which 57 men and 04 women (accounting for 6.5%), the average age is 54 years old. There are 116 vice presidents, of which 49 are female (accounting for 42.2%), the average age is 49 years old. This indicates that the leaders of provincial cooperative alliances are at the old age.

Figure:  Number, gender, average of presidents, vice presidents and leaders of departments in provincial cooperative alliances (2017) Unit: person

Source: Personnel Department, Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (2018)

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